The lab lives again!

After moving from Rochester, NY to Missouri, I’m happy to report everything has made it to Missouri intact and in working condition! Some quick lessons for moving equipment half way across the country:

  • Bubble wrap is your friend. Use a ton of it on the exterior of the server, then wrap in furniture pads.
  • Custom cable lengths are awesome… until you move it to a place where the servers are in different positions. It probably would have been better to use some consistent lengths, then use some cable management to handle the excesses.
  • Labeling cables? Less useful. Recording which ports are used for which purpose? Much more helpful.

Now that I’m relatively settled, my next project will be upgrading the iomega Storcenter’s 2TB drives from 5400 to 7200 ones. I may research to see if the device can take 3TB drives… but that may be unnecessary as it will only be for backups.

I’m also going to be taking a closer look at chef - it appears to be one of the preferred automation tools at the new job.