Chef - Transitioning from Puppet

Although I haven’t administered a full enterprise Puppet deployment, I do have some experience with it - both in the masterless configuration and with Puppet master/Puppet Enterprise. I’ve even attended two classes - completing the Intro and Advanced Puppet courses. Unfortunately, the new job appears to have started down the road of Chef and my training/experience in Puppet appear to be for naught - or is it?

To find out how behind I would be, I fired up a RHEL VM from their learning site. Basic research leads me to believe:

  • Chef ‘recipes’ are equivalent to Puppet ‘manifests’
  • Chef ‘cookbooks’ are equivalent to Puppet ‘modules’
  • Chef looks more straight Ruby, whereas Puppet is more ruby-esque with a healthy sprinkling of JSON

I’m looking to get Chef set up in the home lab next, we’ll see how productive I am between family, unpacking from the trip, and work.