Micro Update

I have been super busy over the past week and unable to do my usual somewhat extensive updates. So I give you the first (of hopefully not many) Micro Updates!

Cool Stuff

  • vimoutliner: Makes outlining/list creating really easy on my local Ubuntu install. There’s a ton of information out there - but unfortunately not about the problems with running it over SSH (namely check boxes don’t work properly). Still - pretty cool.
  • Ubuntu 14.04 + Rails: I’ve had need periodically to setup ruby/rails on a Ubuntu 14.04 system, and I found this guide that goes over the step-by-step process. Very helpful.
  • Installing Ubuntu alongside Windows on a Lenovo U430 laptop on an m.2 SATA drive: This works. It works amazingly well/quickly. UEFI recognizes the m.2 card as the primary drive so Ubuntu’s bootloader takes over without any manual effort on my part. Ubuntu is aware of the other (main) drive and allows me to boot into Windows 8 without any issues! Downside: fast boot is disabled and the start up for Windows is slowed.

And that’s it for a micro update more details may follow on some of those items… when I have the time.